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RPP BIOLOGI (for international school)


Education Unit             : SMA
Class / Semester           : XI  / I
Subject                         : Biology
Duration                      : 15 minute
Meeting                        : X

Standard Competition
Basic Competition
3. Describes the structure and function of human organs and certain animals, abnormalities / diseases that may occur and the implications
3.5 Explain the relationship between structure, function, and processes and disorders / diseases that can occur in systems excretion in humans and animals (fish)

Purpose of Learning
·  Describe the structure and function of the lungs as a means of excretion
·Describe the structure and function of the liver as a means of excretion
·Describe the structure and function of the skin as a means of excretion
·Draw the structure of the nephron and explain the process of formation of urine
·   Students understand the structure and function of excretion organ
·   Students understand about urine formation process

Purpose of Learning
a.       Character : care, respect to other people, decent, focus

Student respect to other people especially to teacher and friends explain
Student become care and focus about teacher and friend`s explain
b.      Social skill
Working together, active
Student can working together when they discuss matery

Purpose of Learning
      Understanding the structure of the kidney
Student can describe the structure of the kidney

Fact :
            Organ or tools excretion in humans consists of:

1. Lung

2. Liver

3. Skin

4. Kidneys.

Concept :
            The kidneys play a role in the process of formation of urine that occurs through a series of processes, namely:
·         Filtration
·         Reabsorption
·         Augmentation.
Princip : -
Procedure : -
Time :
15 minute
Discuss about matery subject


Learning Method      :  Discussion Method
                                       Lecture Method
                                       Role Playing Method
Learning Model         :  Cooperative Learning Model

Learning activities :

A.    Opening
·         Teacher starts with say salam and asking about student`s condition
·         Teacher asks student to pray
·         Teacher checks attenden list
·         Teacher gives apperception :
Teacher demonstrate blowing water with pipette. But, there was chalk dust that settles on the glass. So, the colour of water changing become blurred. Teacher asks, “Why can this happen?”
·         Motivation
As a human life, we have to know about our excretion organ to take care our health.
3 minute

 Tools (glass, chalk, pipette)
B.     Activities
·         Teacher tells purpose of learning
·         Teacher explains definition of excretion system.
·         Teacher asks student to disuss about excretion organ
·         Teacher guide students to discuss
·         Teacher asks student to explain about excretion organ in front of the class.
·         Teacher explain and presents the video about urine formation process

8 minute

Picture and Video
C.    Closing
·         Teacher gives puzzle games about kidney’s structure
·         Teacher give conclusion about matery
·         Teacher close and say alhamdulillah
4 minute

Puzzle games

Result of study :
a.       Technic            : Playing about structure of kidney
b.      Instrument       : Puzzle games

Source :
1.      Media                : Tools, Picture, Video, Puzzle.
2.       Source                :
·         Buku Penuntun Biologi untuk SMA kelas XI (penerbit ERLANGGA.2000).
·         Buku BIOLOGI Untuk SMA (Penerbit ERLANGGA.2004)

Padang,   January 2012
                                                                                       Biology Teacher

                                                                        Suci Fajrina, S.Pd
Nim : 12613/2009

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